Our Materials

All jewelry sold at our store are crafted with 925 Sterling silver and plated with 18kt Gold. 

We also have vermeil pieces in our collection (pronounced ‘ver-may’). In simplest terms, jewellery crafted in gold vermeil has a thicker layer of gold added to the base of sterling silver (the thickness of the gold must be a minimum of 2.5 microns to be classed as gold vermeil).


How Do you know if your jewelry is genuine Sterling Silver?

Genuine sterling silver will have the 3-digit  "925" stamp.
A 925 stamp is considered the highest quality of sterling silver. A “925” stamp indicates that the sterling silver is 92.5% silver (the other 7.5% is usually copper). A 92.5% purity level is considered the gold standard when it comes to sterling silver, since it’s just diluted enough to strengthen the item without diminishing the sheen and quality of the silver 

All jewelry sold at our store has the '925' stamp indicating the sterling silver purity. 

Look for the 925 Stamp

Why only Sterling silver?

Sterling silver jewelry when purchased from a reputable jewelry brand is a durable, timeless metal, and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.